Monday, 24 May 2010

Two finishes

Gosh it's hot here at the moment. I love sitting in the evening with the doors open and the breeze coming in. The only thing I don't like is the spiders EEEEKKKK!!!!

I finished these two Lizzie Kate designs this weekend for the teachers at the end of term. They were such a easy and delightful stitch. I used my own colour combo by just going through the scrap drawer.

I just need to finish them into pinkeeps now. I am not very good at finishing so I am going to practise on some other finished pieces first.

Thanks for looking and take care.

Linen and Floss xx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Hello if your in the UK I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather!!! I have been busy out in the garden, this is our first year growing veg and they are really coming along.

I have been stitching up a storm recently I just need to kick my butt in to gear and do some 'finishing'.

One of my recent finishes is this biscornu. It is a freebie but I am not sure where from sorry. I used a variegated thread and a scrap of aida.

The photos don't show it but the aida is a very pale lilac.

One day I would like to have a basket of biscornu as I love them. I have a million projects on the go at the moment and am trying to work on some kind of rotation I will see how that works lol.

Until next time take care

Linen and Floss x

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hello anyone still read this?

Gosh it has been so long. I am so sorry the computer has had an 'illness' so we have been without the net for a while. It's not very good to start a blog and then disappear is it - sorry.

Well while I have been without the net I have had loads of time to stitchso I have many things to show you over the next few days. This first one is a stitchery. A friend was moving into her own home and was having a cupcake kitchen so I stitched on a tea towel for her. She was over the moon.

The chart is from

This was a very simple stitch and the finished result was great. i will certainly be doing some more.

I am now going to have a look at all of your blogs to seee what I have missed as I have not been around for so long.

Linen and Floss x