Friday, 9 April 2010

Christmas ornament

Hello all I hope you had a good Easter and if your in the UK enjoying this glorious weather.

We had a lovely weekend with family visiting. The boys had too many eggs as usual lol and we are now enjoying the holidays.

I am hoping this year to have a few cross stitch ornaments on the tree. I say this every year but by the time I see every ones on their blogs it's too late!! So this year I have started early. I have a few designs already stitched up but this is the only one I have finished so far. I stitched it sometime in February and did the finishing last week. I am awful at finishing and have a huge pile of items to be finished. So please excuse the shabby edges of this. I used some felt ribbon for the trim. If you live in the UK please can I ask where you get your trim from? This is a Lizzie*Kate design and I love the whole set. Hopefully I will get the lot completed one day lol.

Thank you so much for commenting and visiting my blog I really appreciate it. It puts a smile on my face to see a comment.
Have a wonderful weekend
Linen and Floss x